About The Book

Louie’s Saxophone is much more than a book about a canary in a quandary. Louie is a bird who loves music but cannot sing. With encouragement from a friend, Louie learns to use the gifts he does have to make music in a different way. Our author, Trevor J Boehm, was notorious for thinking outside the box and using things in different and unexpected ways.

Initially the author’s family contemplated printing only enough copies for extended family and friends. However, this project soon took on a life of its own.

Trevor’s book, Louie’s Saxophone, is now helping others appreciate the issues and stigma behind divergent behaviors and traveling unconventional paths in life. Louie’s Saxophone speaks to each one of us. God gives human beings challenges in life. The book demonstrates that we can use these hurdles as a platform for growth and use the talents we do have to live more fully and happily.

Trevor’s story is now being shared with others wishing to grasp the ideas that he only dreamed of fully understanding himself. The book encourages people facing challenges and inspires others to achieve their own personal aspirations.

Trevor’s sister, Ali Boehm, shared his book in Steamboat Springs, CO on May 21, 2011 at a local bookstore, Off the Beaten Path.