Louie's Sax Header

In Louie’s Saxophone we meet Louie, a canary in a quandary. He is a bird who loves music but cannot sing. With encouragement from a friend, Louie learns to use the gifts he does have to make music in a different way.

Contained in this simple to understand and straightforward story, is a relatable message that young children, teens and adults can learn from. Louie’s Saxophone was written and illustrated by Trevor J. Boehm to express his desire “to help others see their dreams by inspiring them as I accomplish my own dreams.”

Trevor Boehm Author

What is normal anyway? Trevor was notorious for thinking outside the box and using things in different ways. Through this book, Trevor communicates that there is no normal, each person faces challenges and is creatively different. Recognizing and developing God-given talents bring unexpected pleasures and fulfilling results that enrich our lives and make the world a better place.

Children who follow their individual passions and parents who wish to support their young children’s dreams and challenges will find this story both thought provoking and inspiring.